Product Care

At Cathy’s workshop each leather hide is selected for its individual beauty, performance and feel. Each Skin is unique, so any irregularity is viewed as characteristic of Leather’s natural appeal. As with all natural materials, Leather needs special care. Follow these tips to help keep your Cathy product looking as desirable tomorrow as it does today.

  1. Keep your product away from direct sources of light and heat.
  2. Ensure your suede or Leather product does not rub against other fabrics, to reduce any risk of colour transference and to protect its special finish.
  3. Dampness, humidity and rain should be avoided. If your Cathy Product does become wet; blot the excess moisture with a soft, light-coloured cloth: stuff with tissue paper, and leave to dry naturally.
  4. Don’t overfill your Cathy bag travelling light will help it retain it’s shape and it’s better for your back too.
  5. When not in use, stuff your bag with acid-free paper and store it in a fabric dust bag.
  6. Always refer stains to specialist leather cleaner.
Treat it well and your Cathy Prendergast product will give you pleasure for many years to come!